Baby Ringworm: Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

Most people tend to be concerned on how the doctor will diagnose their baby. Well, a professional doctor will be able to tell right away whether the baby has ringworm by observing closely at his or her skin/scalp. The doctor may also examine the irritated area using the woods lamp or ideally gather a painless scraping of the child’s skin for further analysis under a microscope.

How Can Ringworm Be Treated Naturally?

When you notice a weird rash on the child’s body, consult your doctor as soon as possible and seek their opinion. When a baby has ringworm, the doctor will most probably recommend an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream. This will have to be applied at least twice a day and ensure that it is spread about an inch past the end of the rashes region.

You will have to wait for about a month for the rash to begin fading, but you will also have to continue using the cream for an extra week before the rash is completely gone. Keep in mind that some kids can be extremely sensitive to the ingredients in some of these creams. In this case you should just apply a small amount at first to find out whether the child’s skin will react. If it reacts, consult a medical expert and ask for an alternative. When applying the cream, always make sure that your hands are thoroughly washed. There are cases where a stronger cream maybe recommended if your baby has one of the more stubborn cases of ringworm. Ideally, there are cases in which an oral medicine will be needed to treat ringworm.
If the ringworm is found on the scalp, treatment may be a bit hard and it make take a long time before it is completely treated. In this case, the doctor will prescribe a shampoo coupled with an oral anti-fungal medicine. The dosage will have to be taken for around 7 weeks before the ringworm starts clearing up.
When dealing with a baby suffering from ringworm, strict hygiene is mandatory, so make sure that you wash your baby’s clothes and bedding when you commence treatment to avoid cases of reinfections.

Is There Any Complications With Baby Ringworm?

Your child may have an urge to scratch their skin which might lead to a bacterial infection. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your baby’s nails are kept short. If you notice your child scratching his or her skin, you may want to put mitten or little socks on their hands when they sleep.